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If You're at Fault for an Auto Accident, Are You Covered?

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In order to drive a motor vehicle in most states, you must have a minimum amount of car insurance. At Waller Insurance, Inc, we're ready to help you determine how much insurance you need for each car and driver on your policy. The minimum requirement in most states is what is called liability coverage.

This type of auto insurance covers the other driver, passengers and vehicle in the event that you cause an accident. You and your car are not covered by this type of insurance. However, liability coverage is generally the least expensive option per month for car insurance.

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Understanding the limits of liability coverage

As mentioned above, liability auto insurance coverage has limits. It's intended to pay for the medical bills of anyone injured and the damage to the other car if you cause an accident. Liability car insurance typically has the following limits:

  • Property damage limit: This is the maximum amount it will pay for damage to the other person's property.
  • Bodily injury limit per person: This is the maximum amount it will pay for each person who is injured, not including you.
  • Bodily injury limit per accident: This is the maximum amount it will pay for all medical expenses from a single accident, not including you.

It's important to set these limits at a level that makes you comfortable, as you will be personally responsible for any amount above the limit. For more information on liability insurance, contact your local auto insurance company in Vancouver, WA today.